Rules for Living on a Sphere: Rule #1

Have youe ever felt alone? Have you ever not felt alone?

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? Alone with a friend? Alone in the arms of a lover?

Ever been in the Void of alone? Is the thought of "alone" unsettling? Does discomfort set in? Do you seek escape?

It is in the Void of alone where all the possible lines of escape begin. For there is often fear found in the Void - the Void of you - the you that simply is. And it is a frightening realization that one is the space, and not the substance. So we run, and we run in any direction, simply to escape. But any step, in any direction from the Void of what you are, is to aVoid what you are. Every step out, every line of escape, is the first step of a Void dance.

A Void dance - we do it every day: through our names, our jingoism, our religions, our banter of truths, our trinkets, our intoxicants, and toys. We do it through all the models and constructs we follow. We follow, and we run from ourselves.

Rule Number One For Living On a Sphere: Learn to sit still. All lines of escape from any given point on a sphere, if followed to their conclusion, will eventually lead back to the original point. In other words, all lines of escape are meaningless. Any line of escape followed through to any meaningful conclusion ends up at the beginning - in the Void of you. All lines of escape have a trajectory that moves away, only to return. You might as well just learn to sit still. As T.S. Eliot penned:

Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still.

Peace out.

- The Fool

- This posting originally appeared @ "Shouting in the Dark" 2007