A. J. - An Interlude to a Beginning

A. J. sat down in order to better assess the current situation. There was a lot to consider. He pulled out his biggest magnifying glass for clarity.

Things were different. A. J.’s trip over the wall had changed him. He’d lost all sense of connection with his surroundings. It didn't feel like home anymore. He felt like a foreigner on the estate. Worse, he felt like a prisoner. And A. J. realized that the restrictions that held him in check were of his own doing. He needed a plan for escape.

A. J. sat for a long time. He thought and thought, until there was nothing left to think about. It was then that he decided it was time to do something. He knew what he wanted. He knew what he needed. He knew what he deserved. He had his work cut out for him.

A. J. determined he would need some tools. He put down his magnifying glass and headed for the shed. He would need the big hammer for this job. Making a door in the wall was not going to be easy.

- The Fool
- photo by Rodney Smith