it takes a lot to make a tear

it takes a lot to make a tear.
i mean, it’s not an easy thing

to get the undercurrents churning,
and the waves roiling to a froth -

to the point of casting off droplets
(as if one could repudiate one’s self).

it’s just not a simple thing to do;
to make a drop of ocean in an eye.

- The Fool
- photo The Fool


JBelle said...

(as if one could repudiate one' self)

that's truth in a very pure form.

The Fool said...

Yeah, Cheech. As if.


JBelle said...

I really like the photo, too. Where? what?

The Fool said...

H'lo Cheechako. The photo was taken of a sculpture that sets in a restaurant just down the street. The piece was created by the owner of the place, and it is a caricature of a local musician. It actually weeps tears, too. Have a great weekend. Peace out.

Fede said...

It is even worst when the droplets appear ready to be let go but they don't. They stick. Just stick. The tension doen't go away and the regret mount. And the distress comes for having missed the warmness and peacefull exhaustion that these droplets would have left behind.
Good night and good luck.

The Fool said...

Yes, Fede, there is a release. Thank you for the reminder. My original reflection followed the lines of people saying that someone, especially a child, cries too easily. No, it takes a lot to make a tear.